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At the forefront of milesmaria are media, communications and publicity professionals who’ve spent years honing their skills and making sure clients always approach the end of their campaign feeling as if their money was well spent. 

But if you remove the layers, we’re storytellers. 

If you think about it, your logo, a book review, your Facebook page, your website, how you engage with your twitter followers - all pieces of a larger story.

Most importantly, and why you’re here in the first place, is that this is your story and you want a competent, creative and tenacious team to help you tell it. Whether telling it means tapping in to digital, media, production, or all-of-the-above platforms, it is our job to develop a strategy, 
shape a consistent message and work with decision-makers and influencers to create maximum exposure.

Buzz around a new book, a media plan for your new indie or documentary film, publicity around a new product or a video to showcase a business you are launching, our plan of action will work towards making sure your audience knows about your story. 
So, as you click through milesmaria, think about what you really want for you and your story. Then, when you’re ready, let’s discuss how we can work together to tell it.contact.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
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